The design office Torprojekt is busy with execution of complete design documentation comprising feasibility studies, concepts, tender documentation and construction and execution designs.

The basic merits of our office are: complexity of design elaborations, high quality and on time realization.

We perform orders in the following branches:

  • Railroad lines, junctions and stations, passenger stops and goods reloading depots
  • Buildings and structures with technology (stations, signal towers, technical backup)
  • Environment protection, water-sewage management and sanitary installations
  • Elements of road infrastructure (roads, streets, railroad crossings and parking lots)
  • Engineering objects (bridges, railroad bridges, tunnels and culverts)
  • Railroad traffic control devices
  • Overhead energy lines, including medium and high voltage
  • Traction lines and non-traction application lines

We have large experience in making traffic analysis, throughput analysis, railroad and line loads and analysis of existing rolling stock in respect of service efficiency and maintenance of the current and future stock.

We have designers and software aiding designing in respect of roads, streets, railroad crossings, parking lots and infrastructure connected with operation of railroad lines (railroad and road bridges,  viaducts, tunnels, culverts, etc.).