General information

General information

Trakcja S.A. is one of the largest companies active in the infrastructure and energy construction sector in Poland.

Operations of the Group:

  • Complex designing of infrastructure elements for roads, railroads and cubature objects
  • Construction and modernizing of railroad tracks including draining
  • Construction and modernizing of the railroad electric traction and its power supply systems
  • Complex performance (designing, completion and equipment delivery, special software delivery, assembly, start-up, guarantee and post guarantee service) remote control of all the electric traction power supply devices and auxiliary systems like platform lighting, turnout switch heating, etc..
  • Construction of cable and overhead power lines
  • Construction and modernizing of engineering structures
  • Construction and modernizing of roads and highways
  • Cubature object construction for the railroad infrastructure and general constructing (housing and office)
  • Construction and modernizing of the utility infrastructure
  • Production of devices, accessories and building materials

Excellent knowledge of the market has allowed the Group to obtain the order portfolio till the end of 2014. The principal ordering party for our Company has been the Polish National Rail PKP   (90% of orders). The remaining orders are covered by the energy sector and the municipal rail transport all over Poland.

Thanks to effected mergers (PRK 7 S.A. in 2009 and Tiltra Group in 2011) the Group extended the scope of its operations.

It increased competitiveness of the Company in respect of the railroad modernizing and on the area of the infrastructure construction comprising roads, bridges, tunnels, airports and harbors.

In the near future Trakcja Company plans to become the main player in the market of Central Europe and Central East Europe within its scope of operations.