AB Kauno tiltai

AB Kauno tiltai

Kauno Tiltai is the largest company of the infrastructural construction sector in the Baltic States. The firm specializes in construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads, airports, harbors and public utility infrastructure.

Since the beginning of its operations i.e. 1949, Kauno Tiltai has constructed over 100 bridges and railway bridges and has been responsible for construction and modernizing of many roads on the area of the whole Lithuania. The Kauno Tiltai Group is formed by three companies busy with road constructing. The Group has over 1000 employees. www.kaunotiltai.lt



Alteration of the Jakai roundabout in Klaipeda, stage I and II

In December 2010 Kauno Tiltai completed works of the first stage of investment. Within the frames of the project a four-lane overpass was constructed, the longest one in Lithuania, 610 m long. The overpass design was awarded the gold medal in Lithuanian contest “Product of the Year 2010”. Works on the investment comprised also reconstruction of the communication line, water pipe and gas mains. Additionally, access roads were constructed, a tunnel bridge was reconstructed and lighting system was installed. After completion of the stage II of the investment the Jakai roundabout comprised three levels. On the second level a road 317 meter long was made in direction to Kaunas – Palanga, on the third – 552 meter long road in direction to Palanga – Kaunas. The roundabout was commissioned in November 2012.


Alteration of the railroad tunnel in Kaunas

The length of altered tunnel was 1285 meters, height – 6.6 meters and width – 8.8 meters. During works 108-meters long lane in the tunnel was altered, electric system, emergency communication and lighting systems were renovated and protective and draining system for periods of ground water accumulation in underground tunnel sections were installed. The project was awarded the gold medal in the contest “Product of the Year 2008". The investment was realized in years 2007-2009.


Construction of the Southern by-pass road of Vilnius

Within the project a by-pass road was constructed and so was a road being a missing link of the communication route IXB. Kauno Tiltai constructed the second longest (380 meter long) overpass in Lithuania, railroad bridges, pedestrian passages and the remaining transport system infrastructure elements. New sidewalks and bicycle lanes were constructed around the by-pass and acoustic screens were installed to reduce noise. The overpass was awarded the gold medal in the contest "Product of the Year 2009". Time of execution was in years 2006-2009.


Construction of the Western by-pass road of Vilnius, phase I

The section of by-pass road from Oslo Street to Asanaviciutes Street was constructed comprising six traffic lanes in both directions. Additionally, within the project braking lanes, two level road and a tunnel were constructed. Engineering mains and lighting were also installed. The project was realized in years 2009-2010.


Alteration of runway at Kaunas Airport

The project assumed renovation of the airport runway width 45 meter and length 1.911 kilometer. During alteration the air traffic at the airport was not suspended, works were executed at night, from midnight to 6:00 a.m.. Project execution period was: 2010.

Reconstruction of Smiltyne yacht harbor

Since 2009 the firm invested in modern technologies in order to enter the market of water infrastructure at harbors. In March 2010 execution of the first project commenced – reconstruction of water infrastructure at Smiltyne harbor in Klaipeda. Within the project the firm was responsible for construction of two quays in the harbor, which total length is 565 meters and a pier with length 204 meters. In addition the projects assumed construction of a bulkhead, concrete superstructure and surface for traffic of pedestrians and vehicles. The company reconstructed also engineering facilities: lighting, electric lines and information systems. The works were completed in 2011.


Altering of Lazdynai bridge in Vilnius

During the renovation of bridge the six lanes till that time were substituted with eight ones and the bridge itself was integrated with the existing street network. Additionally, engineering mains and lighting were made and the electric lines for trolleybuses were reconstructed. The works were realized in years 2008-2010.