PEUiM Sp. z o.o. is a company in the infrastructure construction sector, whose activities are concentrated in the North-East region of Poland. Its history dates back to 1960.

PEUiM specializes in construction and altering of roads, bridges, sidewalks and construction and assembly of signaling - warning devices connected with safety of road traffic. Additionally, the company produces bituminous masses, cement concrete and other building materials.

The Group PEUiM comprises also a company who realizes engineering works (mains and devices for water-sewage, heat, gas and ventilation) and two more road construction companies. The Group PEUiM employs over 400 employees.


Alteration of the state road No.  671 Sokolany – Korycin – Knyszyn - Jeżewo Stare - Sokoły, section Krypno- Tykocin

Within the stage I of works a passage over the railroad was reconstructed and so was eight kilometer long road section with a bridge over the Narew. The stage II of project comprised overhaul of the road passing through Tykocin and execution of engineering works. In addition a bridge over the Motławka river, sidewalks for pedestrians and bicycle lanes were constructed. The investment was realized in years 2010–2012.

Alteration of gen. Stanisława Maczka street in Białystok

Alteration of gen. Stanisława Maczka Street leading in direction to Warsaw was necessary due to heavy traffic on its entire length. In order to increase the throughput the two lane street was substituted with the four lane one, sidewalks and bicycle lanes were constructed and new engineering systems were installed. The period of project execution was 2009-2011.

Alteration of Antoniukowska Street in Białystok

During overhaul of Antoniukowska Street, which is one of the main streets in Białystok, four street crossings were altered, a new bridge was constructed and the road surface was reconstructed. The investment was realized in years 2009-2010.