Trakcja Group - performance for three quarters

In the nine months of 2018, the sales amounted to PLN 1,097 million and were higher by over 15.5% as compared to the same period of the previous year. The gross profit on sales amounted to PLN 37.8 million and was lower by nearly 26%, compared to the same period of 2017. After these nine months, the Group reported a net loss of PLN 13.5 million.  The third quarter brought sales at PLN 518.3 million - 25.8% more than in the same period of 2017. The gross margin remained at a similar level as in the previous year and amounted to 5.2%, while it increased in relation to the results of the first half of 2018 when it had amounted to 1.9%. 

"Our results reflect the situation in the construction industry - says Marcin Lewandowski, President of the Management Board of Trakcja PRKiI. The main factor which determines the negative result of the Group was the situation in Lithuania, where we still expect the conclusion of new large tender procedures announced after a longer period without any public procurement contracts.  In Poland, we are currently in the peak phase of implementation of the contracts concluded during the investment gap. In the third quarter, the Group's order portfolio increased by nearly PLN 1 billion in contracts priced according to the current price conditions.  The value of the Group's portfolio, which amounted to nearly PLN 3 billion at the end of September, will be systematically supplemented with further contracts, and we assume a selective approach to the contract procedures to be announced."   

Over a dozen contracts were signed in the third quarter, including the following railway contracts:  for the Poznań - Rokietnica section for PLN 292.2 million, two contracts for SKM Szczecin projects for the total amount of PLN 481.2 million in total, as well as road ones, including for the construction of the S 61 expressway for PLN 251 million, or the section of the provincial road 190 for PLN 52 million. The performance report include revenues of PLN 26 million earned in Ukraine.


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Robert Kuczyński

human resources and communication director

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