An overpass completed in half a year - a film

Trakcja PRKiI is the general contractor for the overpass in Rogów. The structure, commissioned on 11 December, was completed in just half a year and solved one of the key problems on the road that connects Łódź with the Warsaw-Katowice road. The project was filmed with a special stop motion camera.

The work on the overpass was registered with a camera that took one photo every hour for almost the entire period of performance of the works. This way, nearly 7 thousand photos were taken, which were then used to make a "time lapse" film, the only one made on a road and railway project in Poland. The film can be watched on the Youtube channel of Grupa Trakcja at:

The structure was built at the intersection of the road (level crossing) with the Warsaw-Łódź railway line. The line is one of the busiest lines in Poland with traffic exceeding 100 trains in 24 hours. This is why at rush hours the barriers closed even 10 times an hour, which was a major problem for the wheel traffic. Before the construction of the overpass started, the contractor prepared the documentation and obtained the required permits; then a number of preparatory works were performed, such as construction of a nearly 900 m long detour road and a temporary railway crossing. The foundation of the overpass, which weighed over 4,300 tons, required reinforcing the ground with nearly 200 columns set at the depth of 14 m. The tasks that required stopping the railway traffic were performed during short night time breaks so as to avoid difficulties to passengers during the project. The construction of the nearly 48 m structure, suitable for the highest load class, started in the spring of this year and was completed in October 2014. The first cars crossed the overpass on 11 December 2014, after the technical acceptance inspections were completed.


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