Trakcja PRKiI S.A. will modernize a fragment of Warsaw Skierniewice line

A consortium of contractors responsible for the modernization of the Warsaw – Skierniewice railway line concluded a subcontracting agreement with Trakcja PRKiI S.A. for the performance of a part of the works valued at over PLN 77 million.

The subject of the agreement comprises track works at the section with the length of approximately 10 kilometers; dewatering works at the section of approximately 15 km including drain collectors; and reinforced rhines at the section of 5 km at the railway line no. l between Pruszków and Grodzisk Mazowiecki. Works will also include reinforcement of the roadbed by way of developing a geolattice, gravel and concrete poles and injection with a cement solution, ground buttresses. Works under the agreement will be performed by 31 December 2014. Works at this section were commenced immediately after concluding the agreement. During less than 10 days, over 5.5 km of tracks were assembled.

Trakcja PRKiI S.A. is the largest railway construction company in Poland. It has its own contracting potential including specialist equipment and qualified personnel. At the moment, the company is performing modernization and revitalization works in over 20 railway network locations in Poland, e.g. at the Kraków - Rzeszów, Wrocław - Poznań and Warsaw – Gdynia lines, as well as the Łódź Widzew station.


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Robert Kuczyński

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