The National Court Register registered the merger of Trakcja and PRKiI

On 19 December 2013, Trakcja PRKiI Spółka Akcyjna was entered in the National Court Register. Two companies specializing in modernization of railway lines, and building civil engineering and power grid facilities established one entity.

The merger of Trakcja SA with the Acquired Company - Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Kolejowych i Inżynieryjnych SA took place by way of transferring the entire property of the Acquired Company to the Overtaking Company, i.e. merger through acquisition within the meaning of Article 492(1)(1) of the Code of Commercial Companies and Partnerships ("Code of Commercial Companies and Partnerships").

The decision on the merger and reorganisation was made in order to improve management of the Trakcja Group and to eliminate some part of the unnecessary processes, which will also allow to reduce operating costs and increase the management efficiency. The merger of the companies shall also bring some financial savings in the administration and organisation areas thanks to the reduction in the number of the management and supervisory bodies within the Trakcja Group. In the long run, the goal of the merger is to improve coordination of operating activities and unify business processes.

The merger will allow faster achievement of a beneficial operating model of the Trakcja Group both in financial and organizational terms. Any possible, further activities aimed at simplifying the organisational structure of the Trakcja Group may take place at a later date.

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