Fernando Perea Samarra

Fernando Perea Samarra

Mr Fernando Perea Samarra has a degree in economics.

In 1989 – 2002 Mr Perea Samarra held a function of Division CFO of Water & Wastewater Division in AGBAR (Barcelona, Spain).

In 2002 – 2008 he was a CFO of AGBAR GROUP – Grupo Aguas de Barcelona. In 2008 he took office of USA Business Development General Manager in AGBAR GROUP. In 2009 – 2011 was a Partner at  ADIGO – M&A Advisors, S.L. (Barcelona, Spain).

Since 2011 until now Mr Fernando Perea Samarra is CFO in COMSA Corporación. Since 24.10.2003 until 05.03.2007 Mr Perea Samarra held the position of member of Manegment Board of EMTE S.A. – previous denomination of the  company “EMTE, S.L.” (as a 50% subsidiary of AGBAR GROUP at that time), “TRIBUGEST, S.A.”, “AGBAR USA, PLC” and “LYDEC CASABLANCA” (all of them 100% subsidiares of AGBAR GROUP)

Currently, Mr Fernando Perea Samarra is a Representative of COMSA S.A. in its capacity of Manager Director of the Management Board of the following companies: “ICONUS,S.L.” (since 27.07.2011) “CONCESIONARIA BARCELONESA, S.L.” (since 06.02.2012) and “CORPORACIÓN CLD SERVICIOS URBANOS DE TRATAMIENTO DE RESIDUOS, S.L.” (since 06.02.2012).

In addition, he is a member of the Management Board in the companies: COMSA EMTE POLAND, Sp. z o.o "(from 2012)," COMSA EMTE, SA de CV ", México (from 31.05.2013)," COMSA EMTE MEX "(from 2012).