The Trakcja Group is probing the Georgian market

The topic of discussion of Trakcja PRKiI representatives during numerous conversations held in Tbilisi was the experience in the implementation of rail and road infrastructure projects financed from EU and aid funds. The most important point of the company's president Marcin Lewandowski's visit was the meeting with Georgian Prime Minister Mamuk Bachtadze.

We are preparing for a new opening of our business and increasing our involvement in foreign markets - says Lewandowski, CEO. The planned geographical diversification envisages high profile for markets such as Georgia, where Polish companies are well perceived. Our experience in implementing programs is valuable for the local economy and we want to share them. The Trakcja Group with broad competences could be a strong support for local business - adds the CEO of Trakcja PRKiI.

Georgia continues to strengthen economic relations with the European Union and begins investment programs related to, among others, the development of road and rail transport.


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Robert KuczyƄski

human resources and communication director

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