Settlement agreement on termination of contract

Trakcja PRKiI and the Regional Road Administration in Gdańsk concluded a pre-court settlement agreement on the termination of the contract for the extension of the regional road no. 224 between Godziszewo and the A1 motorway junction Stanisławie.

The agreement concluded by the parties is an example of a good solution worked out in a difficult situation on the construction market - says Marcin Lewandowski, CEO of Trakcja PRKiI S.A. - The agreements provide for settlement of the previously performed tasks and preparation of the next stage of the investment. Further implementation of the contract on terms and conditions prior to 2017 would result in losses for the Contracting Authority and the Contractor, as well as in mutual escalation of claims.

Current legal solutions do not allow the Contracting Authorities to fully and quickly valorize the costs. The conducted process of discussions and negotiations is a model and standard example of cooperation on willingness to solve the problem in partnership.

The parties have agreed to waive their mutual claims; moreover, as part of the agreed remuneration, Trakcja PRKiI will perform, among others, minor finishing and design works necessary to obtain the ZRID decision.

Such a solution makes it possible to quickly announce a new tender and select a new Contractor and eliminates potential losses on the part of Trakcja PRKiI S.A.


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Robert Kuczyński

human resources and communication director

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