The next phase of works in Małaszewicze

At the Małaszewicze Południowe station, the even side of the station has been commissioned and works started swiftly on the odd side of the station.

The Małaszewicze Południowe station is an important part of the Małaszewicze station, which comprises the so-called dry reloading ports which is one of the largest in Poland and Europe and is of international importance. The works included reconstruction of the tracks of the Małaszewicze Południowe Station, together with an upgrade of the track bed, construction of the drainage system, the catenary, the power supply system, the railroad traffic control system, the telecommunication system, and engineering structures, as well as construction of a new signal box. The works included an upgrade of 11 tracks with the total length of nearly 6 km and installation of 15 new turnouts. A new two-floor local signal box building was commissioned, which contains among others rooms for train dispatchers with three stations, computer rooms, a spot for a generator set, a railroad traffic control system switchgear and a UPS, as well as three separate welfare rooms with equipment.

The scope of construction works related to the railroad traffic control system included installation of new light signal devices and track electromagnets constituting a part of the train braking system. As a part of the contract, the Małaszewicze station will be included in the remote control system from the Terespol Local Control Center.

As a result of the upgrade, the speed of passenger trains will increase to 160 km/h and that of cargo trains - to 120 km/h. Also, the effectiveness of utilization of the railroad line will improve, which will lead to a significant improvement of the transport offer while reducing the costs of operation of the infrastructure. Efficient traffic switching and moving the works from the even side to the odd side of the station was possible thanks to intensive performance of works during the night and to 24-hour track closures.


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