An “e-Highway” contract in Germany

Trakcja PRKiI is involved in the construction of the "electric motorway - eHighway" in Western Germany. This is the first contract won by the company after obtaining a certificate for conducting business activity in this country.

“eHighway” is an innovative project which will involve the use of electric traction power for the propulsion of lorries under the “Climate Action Programme 2020”. The contract is part of the ELISA pilot programme, which, according to current plans, aims to cover 30% of the length of German motorways, i.e. almost 4,000 km. The project was adopted by the German government in relation to the promotion of the use of renewable energy sources.

The scope of work performed by Trakcja PRKiI includes the installation of elements of the overhead traction line on two five-kilometre sections of the A5 motorway – towards Frankfurt am Main and towards Darmstadt. The general contractor for the contract performed on behalf of the Hessen road infrastructure managing body is SIEMENS. This is the first eHighway section on a public road in Germany. Previously, the solution had been tested on test sections around Berlin, Los Angeles and in Sweden, among others.


Media Information

Robert Kuczyński

human resources and communication director


(photos: dpa/Bernd Settnik)

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