Trakcja PRKiI consistently improves their performance

Trakcja PRKiI concluded the recent fiscal year with an increase in sales and improved profitability. Revenues increased by 3.9%, while the net profit margin increased to 5%. The Trakcja Group recorded revenues at the previous level and maintained good profitability.

Trakcja PRKiI's revenues amounted to PLN 858.3 million, net profit amounted to PLN 32 million and was 11.6% higher compared to the results of the previous year. The drop in sales in the rail industry has been offset by further diversification in our operations. Trakcja PRKiI's revenues in the road construction sector amounted to over PLN 162.5 million, which accounts for nearly 19% of total revenues and were over 3.5 times higher than year before. Sales also increased in other segments, i.e energy, manufacturing and other activities.

"The last year's results prove our strategy and its consistent implementation to be effective – says Jarosław Tomaszewski, President of Trakcja PRKiI. We were approaching to the offering and building a portfolio of contracts in various industries with utmost care. The company's order backlog as of the end of last year amounted to PLN 1.5 billion. We also expect signing further contracts worth over PLN 550 million, in which our tender proposals are leading offers."

Trakcja PRKiI has a large contracting and financial capacity, allowing us to participate in another tender procedures and continues the programme of developing its own strengths in the rail and road segments. We are also active in the search for contracts on the markets of neighbouring countries.

The last year's revenues of the Trakcja Group remained comparable to those of 2016 and amounted to PLN 1.374 billion (a drop of 0.5%), while the net profit decreased by 43% to PLN 32 million. "The results of the Group were determined by the situation in Lithuania, analogous to that which had occurred in Poland in 2016, when the industry was waiting for the announcement of tender procedures under a new financial framework – says Jarosław Tomaszewski. The recovery of this market is a matter of the coming months and we welcome the upcoming announcement of several major proceedings."

The Trakcja Group's portfolio of contracts amounted to nearly PLN 1.8 billion as of the end of 2017.



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Robert Kuczyński

human resources and communication director

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