Repair of the tram line in Gorzów - commencement of night works

Work related to the the modernisation of the tram line in Gorzów Wielkopolski has started with disassembling the traction line. In just one night, the contact wire over the tracks along the section from ul. Dworcowa to ul. Cichońskiego has been removed.

The job was done using among other things special road-rail vehicle intended for network works. "To reduce traffic delays, work which do not generate noise will be carried out at night - says Szymon Matusiak representing the general contractor Trakcja PRKiI. Since 15 February, with the approval of the new organization of traffic, the company was able to proceed to the next stage of works related to removing the road surface and modernization of systems under it. In the first phase, the work will involve demolition of the track-way, road and sidewalks. The next stage of the works will relate to modernization of sanitary sewerage as well as reconstruction of waterworks and gas pipeline network and connections.

Works will be carried out along the section of ul. Sikorskiego from ul. Dworcowa to ul. Młyńska. At this stage, we will enable transverse traffic on ul. Dworcowa and ul. Młyńska. Passage from al. Konstytucji 3 Maja to ul. Kosynierów Gdyńskich will also be possible.

Detour concerning the repaired section ul. Sikorskiego, will take place through the following streets:

  • for local traffic: ul. Jancarza, then ul. Składowa to ul. Dworcowa or further ul. Spichrzowa to ul. Młyńska. At this stage of works, ul. Dworcowa and ul. Młyńska are two-way streets.
  • the detour for transit: ul. Estkowskiego to Kosynierów Gdyńskich roundabout and then to ul. Chrobrego.

Contractor will provide access to premises located along the repaired section of the works. 


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