Reconstruction of the Łapy – Markowszczyzna Road

The consortium of UNIBEP and Trakcja PRKiI has signed a contract of the net value of 141.6 million PLN for the reconstruction of 14 km of voivodship road No. 682 between Łapy and Markowszczyzna. The contract comprises the laying of a new road pavement structure, the strengthening of road shoulders, reconstruction of junctions and the construction of technical structures such as: road bridges, culvers and animal crossings. The task will also include the construction of by-passes of the settlements of Łapy, Uhowo, Turośń Dolna and Markowszczyzna. The new road will be equipped with a new storm water drainage system and lighting. The contract also covers the construction of sidewalks, pedestrian/bicycle routes and bus bays. The execution of the planned works will require the contractor to  places of collision with existing gas, electrical, telecommunication and sanitary utilities.

As a Consortium Partner, Trakcja PRKiI is responsible for the execution of 50 percent of contract works.

The project will be completed in June 2019.


Media Information

Robert Kuczyński

human resources and communication director

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