Trakcja PRKiI to refurbish a street in Wejherowo

Trakcja PRKiI has signed a contract for a comprehensive reconstruction of Karnowskiego Street in Wejherowo on the section from junction with Ofiar Piaśnicy Streeet to Przemysłowa Street. The nearly PLN 4 million contract covers the construction of a new carriageway, 3 circular intersections, 5 bus bays, pavements, bicycle paths and exits. The section to be modernized will be also equipped with a state-of-the-art lighting system with LED light fittings. As part of the project, the rain water, sewage and water supply networks will also be reconstructed, and green areas around the road infrastructure will be arranged.

The project is planned to be completed by mid-December 2017.



Media Information

Robert Kuczyński

human resources and communication director

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