Trakcja Group: profits still growing after 3 quarters

After three quarters of 2015 Trakcja Group recorded an increase in gross profit from sales, amounting to PLN 100 million. In the same period, the Group's net profit amounted to PLN 38.3 million, which is a 15-percent growth compared to the same period in 2014. This performance is a result of policies implemented to improve the efficiency of core business and financial operations of Trakcja Group.

In the third quarter, Trakcja Group generated a net profit of PLN 20.2 million. By consistently improving internal procedures for contract management, gross margin was 10.9%. The third quarter gave the Group gross profit on sales of PLN 36 million while profit from operations amounted to PLN 25.3 million.

"In the third quarter, we significantly rebuilt our portfolio of contracts and we engaged in the road construction market in Poland. This year, Trakcja PRKiI has already signed contracts for nearly PLN 1.2 billion, of which nearly PLN 600 million is road contracts. We actively participate in PKP PLK's and GDDKiA's investment offensives. We have participated in pre-qualification stage in procedures for railway contracts worth 9.3 billion zloty and for road contracts worth 5.4 billion zloty" – says Jarosław Tomaszewski, President of Trakcja PRKiI SA.

After three quarters, Trakcja PRKiI SA recorded an increase in net profit up to PLN 27 million from PLN 22 million in the same period of the previous year. The Company generated revenue of PLN 185.7 million in the period of July – September The 18-percent drop in revenue compared to the third quarter of 2014 was associated with a delay, not attributable to the Company, in signing contracts for railway investments, co-financed from EU funds for the period 2014 – 2020. The gross profit from sales amounted to PLN 12 million, while profit from operations was PLN 6.8 million.

The adoption of the National Programme for Rail 2023 by the Council of Ministers in September means a perspective of significant long-term increase in the number of tender procedures to be announced for railway infrastructure projects. Trakcja PRKiI SA as the leader of railway construction in Poland will strive to further expand its portfolio of contracts by winning contracts both independently and as a consortium as well. The Company will also continue its activity in the segment railway maintenance and road construction.


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