Agreement reached between Trakcja PRKiI and PKP PLK

Trakcja PRKiI and PKP PLK have concluded an agreement to account for the projects completed so far and to prepare comprehensive documentation to announce a tender procedure for the performance of the remaining construction works at the Jaworzno Szczakowa - Trzebinia and Jaworzno Szczakowa - Sosnowiec Jęzor sections.

The agreement, reached on 5 January 2015, partly modifies the contract of 30 November 2010 for the upgrade of the 20 kilometer long section of the Zabrze - Katowice - Kraków line. According to the agreement, for the works included in the contract, the contractor will be paid for the construction and design works to be completed by 20 June 2015. The total value of the works is equal to PLN 55,861,000 net. Moreover, the ordering party will cover the cost of additional works performed outside of the basic contract, equal to PLN 6,904,000 net, and other costs borne by the contractor in relation to the contract performance. 

"After the contract was signed, circumstances occurred that could not have been anticipated by any of the parties, which resulted in longer performance of the contract. We have reached an important agreement that governs the way that the design and construction works will be accounted for and that will make it possible to soon announce a tender for the works that still need to be completed", said Mirosław Siemieniec, the spokesman of PKP PLK S.A.

"Once the works were started, Trakcja PRKiI S.A. considered withdrawing from the contract on many occasions, mostly due to the need to perform numerous additional works that were not covered by the contract. The agreement is an optimum solution and is satisfactory to both parties; as such, it is in line with our policy of maintaining the highest quality of our works and promoting good relations with our customers", added Robert Kuczyński, the Communications Director of Trakcja PRKiI S.A.


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Robert Kuczyński

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