Trakcja PRKiI to upgrade the train maintenance facilities of SKM Warsaw

The works to be performed by Trakcja PRKiI S.A. under the contract awarded by SKM Warsaw will cost nearly 45 million zlotys net. The scope of the contract covers an upgrade of the existing buildings, the tracks, and the utilities connections in the train maintenance facilities of SKM Warsaw.

Trakcja PRKiI S.A. and SKM Warsaw concluded a contract worth 44.88 million zlotys net to upgrade the facilities where trains operated in the Warsaw metropolitan area are maintained. The works will include repair of the existing tracks, construction of tracks and a leak-proof slab under the washing station, repair and replacement of the turnouts, and replacement of the contact line. Repairs will be performed on two buildings with the total surface area of nearly 9 thousand square meters and two new buildings - a washing station and an office and welfare building - as well as access roads and car parks will be built. The works will include refurbishing of the facility's utilities connections, to include the water distribution and drainage connections. The deadline for completion of the contract is 36 months from the contract signing date.

Trakcja PRKiI S.A. has completed a similar project in Łódź in the vicinity of the Widzew station. For nearly 55 million zlotys net, in just one year, the company built the most modern maintenance facility in Poland for servicing trains operated in the metropolitan transit system. The facility, which provides services to the Łódź Municipal Railway, is operated by the Swiss company Stadler. A film showing this project can be watched on the Youtube channel of Grupa Trakcja at:


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