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PRK 7 Nieruchomości, a member company of Grupa Trakcja, started the construction of a small housing development. The development is located in a part of Warsaw's Targówek district characterised by excellent accessibility and fast growth. The first residents will move into the new patio houses.

The Oliwska Nova housing development is located in the vicinity of Wysockiego and Budowlana streets in Targówek, just 3 minutes away from the Warszawa Praga tram, bus, and rail stop. The development will consist of 45 patio houses with the surface area of 154, 175, and 214 square meters. Each of the three-level homes will have a one- or two-car garage, a backyard, and an additional surface parking spot at the development.

“Over four years ago we successfully completed two parts of a housing development located several hundred meters away. The benefits to our customers include the quiet and convenient location in a part of the city with excellent public transportation infrastructure, just 20 minutes away from Warsaw's center," said Roman Przybył, the CEO of Grupa Trakcja.

In the next few years, after the Krasińskiego Bridge route is completed and after the development plan for the nearby areas are changed, this will certainly be one of the most attractive locations in this part of Warsaw. The first residents will be able to move in as early as in next year. The successive parts of the development are planned for the following years.

PRK 7 Nieruchomości is a developer company belonging to the Grupa Trakcja. It currently sells apartments at the Lazurowa II development at Pełczyńskiego Street in Warsaw. So far, it has built several residential developments in Warsaw and its vicinity. It is currently working on several new projects, to include on ones in Marki and in the Jabłonna commune. The company's offer is presented at


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