The Trakcja Group is strengthening the position of the leader of railway construction

The year 2013 was a period of financial, organizational and property restructuring, resulting in significant improvement of financial results – says Roman Przybył, the President of Trakcja PRKiI S.A. In comparison to the previous year, the Group improved its financial result by over PLN 50 million, generating net profit of almost PLN 37.9 million, whereas a year before it reported a loss in the amount of almost PLN 12.5 million. As a result of bonds conversion, we decreased debt by PLN 100 million, simultaneously raising the capital. We also obtained additional credits to finance the record portfolio of contracts, and we obtained bank guarantees necessary to participate in future tenders. At the same time, we signed more contracts valued at over PLN billion. The key factor concerning group results was the result of the dominant entity, Trakcja PRKiI S.A., which generated revenues of over PLN 988 million, and net profit of PLN 26.2 million.”

The Trakcja PRKiI SA Group is amongst the leading railway construction companies in Poland and in Lithuania. The Group is composed of: Trakcja PRKiI S.A. (the dominant company), PRK 7 Nieruchomości sp. z o.o., Torprojekt sp. z o.o. Bahn Technik Wrocław sp. z o.o., and the Lithuanian Group - AB Kauno Tiltai. Almost 64% of revenue is generated in Poland, the remaining part in Lithuania.

In Poland, largest part of revenues is generated by Trakcja PRKiI S.A - almost PLN 988 million (increase by 24% in comparison to the previous year), of which 92% is derived from track and bridge works, and the remaining part derives from other activity such as production of switchgears, traction network elements, construction of transport grids and trolleybus networks. The Company conducts modernization and revitalization projects concerning most important railway lines, including: Kraków - Rzeszów, Wrocław - Poznań, Warsaw - Gdynia, Częstochowa - Opole, at the Łódź - Widzew station, and in several dozen other locations in the country. For this purpose, the company uses its own equipment and qualified personnel, and it takes advantage of over 60 years of experience in execution of such tasks. In 2013, all profitability indicators of Trakcja PRKiI S.A. improved significantly. - EBIDTA amounted to PLN 38 344 million (- 25 649 in 2012), net margin profit at 2.7 % (-7.3 % in 2012), whereas return on equity at 5.5% (-13.2 % a year before).

At the end of the year, the merger of Trakcja S.A. with its subsidiary PRKiI Wrocław S.A. was finalized. The decision on the merger and reorganisation was made in order to improve management of entities in the Trakcja Group. In this manner, costs of activity were decreased, at the same time raising effectiveness. The merger of the companies also brings some financial savings in the administration and organisation areas thanks to the reduction in the number of the management and supervisory bodies.

The undertaken changes were noticed by the capital market. This was proven by the over quadruple increase in the listing of shares of Trakcja S.A (from 19 December 2013 - Trakcja PRKiI S.A.) during merely 7 months of 2013, and inclusion of the company in the index mWig 40 at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


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