PLN 15 million for Trakcja PRKiI for additional works at the Łódź Widzew station

In the Łódź area, Trakcja PRKiI S.A. is currently performing two investment works: modernization of the Łódź Widzew station, and construction of backup facilities of the Łódź Agglomeration Railways (Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjnej). In consideration of the need to make the railway infrastructure available for ŁKA, after localizing the currently constructed backup facilities, geometry was developed, which allows handling ŁKA trains without any negative effect for handling trains of other carriers. In addition, the geometric layout of tracks foresees commodity traffic, including exceeded loading gauge, without affecting passenger traffic.

For ŁKA traffic needs, graded tracks were also designed heading towards the Eastern interchange head and along line no. 16. The adopted track layout solution enables easy and safe ride of commodity trains with exceeded loading gauge without the need to maneuver trains. It also allows ŁKA trains to enter and exit line tracks towards Łódź Fabryczna, as well as entry and exit line no. 540 tracks towards the Łódź Chojny station, and the line no. 16 track towards the Zgierz station. Additionally, this enables avoiding train maneuvers at the station, and crossing over the station towards individual platforms. Adopted solutions will substantially facilitate train maneuvers and will shorten the time for preparing trains for the ride.

The value of the contract concluded at the end of February is PLN 15,469,388.14 net, PLN 19,027,347.41 gross, and works under the contract will be completed by 30 September 2015.


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Robert Kuczyński

communications manager

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