PLN 400 million in new financial instruments for Trakcja PRKiI

Trakcja PRKiI is finalizing the financial restructuring programme valued at over one billion zloty, of which almost PLN 400 million is derived from the following new instruments:

• new open-end credits up to the maximum value of PLN 104,6 million;
• open-end loan up to the maximum value of PLN 27.6 million;
• additional guarantee lines for guarantees on reimbursement of prepayments on contracts in the amount of PLN 200 million;
• increase of the Company’s share capital in the amount no less than PLN 39.6 million.

Moreover, the Company will also be able to issue bonds valued at PLN 20 million.

“We have prepared one of the largest and most comprehensive financial restructuring programmes recently implemented in construction companies in Polandsays Marcin Lewandowski, the President of the Board of Trakcja PRKiI. Preparation and execution were possible thanks to the engagement of multiple financial institutions and our employees, for which I am very thankful. The successful outcome of this process has confirmed the strong foundations of the Trakcja Group and high confidence that we enjoy. I am certain that the programme can become a model solution for other companies”.

The Company will assign received funds to pay its liabilities, grant intra-group loans, and smoothly finance current operations. This year, the Company has already signed contracts worth almost PLN 413 million, and there are won tenders waiting for contracts in the amount of approximately PLN 686 million.

Within the scope of the programme, the Company has also renewed the existing limits for good performance bonds at PLN 616 million, as well as credit lines launched as bridge financing at PLN 31 million. In addition, existing bilateral credit agreements with banks for over PLN 130 million were prolonged.

“New financial instruments will allow us to sign further tender contracts, accelerate contracted works, and intensify bidding in new tenders” - adds the President of the Board of Trakcja PRKiI.



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Robert Kuczyński

human resources and communication director




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