Trakcja PRKiI is finalizing the financial restructuring

Works related with obtaining additional financing for Trakcja PRKiI have entered the final stage. The Industrial Development Agency (ARP) has declared participation in capital injection. A condition of obtaining financing is the conclusion by Trakcja PRKiI of an agreement with financial institutions, so called Long-Term Financing Documentation, to regulate the terms of debt financing and the company’s obligations in terms of repayment of funds defined in the Documentation.

Arrangements of the parties also covered a resolution of the General Meeting of Trakcja PRKiI on increasing share capital by no less than PLN 18,635,294.40 up to PLN 28,235,294.40, through an issue of 10,279,909 B series ordinary bearer shares and no less than 13,014,209 up to 25,014,209 C series ordinary bearer shares.

Along with the subscription of Trakcja’s shares, the Industrial Development Agency will be entitled to select and recall two representatives in the company’s Supervisory Board and two Management Board members in charge of audit and key customers.


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Robert Kuczyński

human resources and communication director


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